The wonderful voice of Baritone Serdar Öztoprak conquered Vienna.


A magnificent ÖZTOPRAK

The features and qualifications I have seen on ÖZTOPRAK, his inception focus on some pieces, the sentences he makes with an excellent confidence, the theatrical and artistic moments he lives as if they are real and the most important is that the long breath sentences he makes made me live beyond this distance. He strongly proved the qualifications for ranking among the last generation masters.


He has a good-toned and warm voice. The elegance flavor of the depth of bass in his tone of voice is heard from time to time; he has a volume sonore that is not anxious about the romantic repertoire and at the same time has (mezza-vocej)s that keeps the glamorization, agility and tone of his voice. Öztoprak proved this successfully in andante of Germont from La TRAVAITA (G. Verdi) which the last generation baritones use virtually for showing their balance techniques in couple and voice.

“Ruhr Nachrichten”

“Sedat Öztoprak was acting in Rigoletto Premiere which was being performed in Italian at Dortmund Opera at the Sunday night. That was not right like that! Because he was going over a sudden modeling and so a perfect identification was coming out with the role.” It is not possible to praise the play Sedat Öztoprak performs without glorifying his superb voice. He has all the singing voices Verdi wanted upon threatening sometimes with a great power and canoodling softly sometimes. Furthermore, his voice is never rough at pianos an there is no shout at sharps.”

Westfälische Rundschau

“Sedat Öztoprak, the leading actor of Rigoletto, is a performer who has a great personality of stage and a piercing voice. He performed a magnificent final at the end of the pieces.”


“Sedat Öztoprak, the guest performer from Wuppertal, presents a character analysis. He is a performer who expresses the sensual changes perfectly with his piercing voice he is anxious, sorrowful father sometimes and then gentle again. He has a based, sure, smooth, clear and piercing voice.”


Sedat Öztoprak was the shining star of the night enacting the buffoon with an attachable nose at the sections in which an enchained tragedy was being displayed. The performer, coming from Wuppertal, who analyzed his position as the father of helplessness has a great volume and a strong baritone power.


BARITONE Sedat Öztoprak from İstanbul, glorifying the tradition in the best way, who has a very sophisticated, characteristic and silky voice, has built a first class carrier on Italian pieces and is preferred for major pieces at Kessel opera.


SEDAT ÖZTOPRAK performs even a minor music sentence by giving a meaning to it at the top his singing mastership. He has internalized bel canto on the works he choose especially form Italian repertoire. His expression in minor voices introduced us a performer whose confidence on himself and his voice is rather professional.


Sedat Öztoprak, a star from İSATANBUL, who has a sure, strong and clear voice, will embrace with the audience in the pieces at Kessel Opera in the future.


Öztoprak was simply magnificent in the premiere of DON GIOVANNI. Especially the harmony of his voice and jests in champagne aria is such as to be kept in the memories for long.


Sedat Öztoprak proved again his mastership with his piercing voice and play at the premiere of Masked Ball opera.